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I love to travel. I love telling stories about my travels. There is nothing that excites me more (aside from the actual traveling) than being able to re-live my adventures by sharing them with the people in my life.

I have spent more time than most people my age adventuring to different countries and less time working in full time ‘careers’.

I loved living abroad. My favourite thing about being in another country is embracing the culture. Learning their language, eating their food and living their lifestyle.

So here’s my story: I lived in France when I was in University. It was only for 6 months, but it was amazing. I lucked out and had a very flexible school schedule that allowed me to take some time to see most of Western Europe. In a span of eight months I visited: Spain, Belgium, England, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and various regions throughout France.

Many years later, with a few jaunts to both England and Finland to visit friends, I found myself desiring something different. Something that was not so Westernized (and something affordable). So I picked South America. My father thought I was crazy to want to go to a third world continent alone. But it was probably the single most amazing thing I have ever done. While in South America I visited Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay and Colombia. I took Spanish lessons. I ate the best steak I’ve ever had. I walked a puma through the Bolivian jungle. I got mugged. I ventured into a part of Colombia only accessible by boat. And it was amazing.

In 2011, I moved to rural Western Kenya. I spent two years working as a volunteer for VSO. You can find out more information on VSO and read my stories from Kenya here. In returned back to Canada in 2013 after spending a month in Ethiopia and Tanzania.

I feel that traveling is a crucial part of who I am. It has helped shape me into who I am today. The good, the bad and the ugly. My most recent adventures to South America helped put some things into perspective for me. Traveling has taught me to be understanding, to let the little things go, and appreciate the things that I have.

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